in a big hurry
small hands decorate letter
for the Santa Claus

For Carpe Diem #526 Issa (5), “New Year’s Writing”


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Days In The Blackberries Field / The Sea Theme

white messengers fly
tearing the clear sky apart
only one is mine

For Carpe Diem #525 Buson (5), “a glimpse of dawn”


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Catching up

Days In The Blackberries Field / The Sea Themes

I’ve been away for a while so I’ll try to get everything I missed out on my favorite blog Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. Or at least part of it … A lot of great and inspiring posts, I’m not sure if I was able to answer to all of them  the best I could. I believe it can always be better, but here is what here is :)

For Carpe Diem #519 Chiyo-Ni (4), ”that is all there is …” (in loving memory of the passengers of the Malaysian Airplane attack):

shades of blue
and the silence
in the morning

For Carpe Diem #521 Issa (4), ”O cooling melons!”:

part for everyone
still every child wants the heart
of the cold melon

For Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #18 Jessica Slavin on Issa:

flying shadows
scrabble across the sky
hungry bats

For Carpe Diem #522 Shiki (4), “the cuckoo’s cry”:

“never enough rain”
says the sea looking up
at the gloomy sky

For Carpe Diem #523 Basho (5), ”How Rare!”:

how unusual!
a feather under my sunbed
breath of mystery

For Carpe Diem #524 Chiyo-Ni (5), ”waterweed”:

in a blind alley
with no street lights
I still see a shadow


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Sea Themes IV-2

Sea Themes

When the turmoil in the street stops аnd everything appease,
when everyone escape into own dreams and you can’t hear anything
but the roar of waves that slowly arrive at the coast and fall asleep,
you may find yourself wide awaken in the middle of night.
Be careful then!
The noise of your own thoughts can wake up dazed silence
and solitude suddenly could be felt more than ever before.
Maybe you wouldn’t be able to hear the songs of Angel who sang to your ear only earlier
and The Sun that used to shine just for you before, may seem colder than ever.
You may feel so lonely that one thought could wake up another…
Why? When? Why? Why? Why?


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Forgotten / Choka, isn’t it?

Sea Theme



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In The Blackberries Field

Days In The Blackberries Field

in Blackberries Field
strong winds blow and hard rain falls
there’s no place like home

measuredly sun
just as the crops need
rich year

it’s still hard to leave
the Land of Blackberries Field
as long as spring breaths

And now, my very first haiku and one of the first steps into the Blackberries Field:

haiku 01 try sky

For Carpe Diem #518 Basho (4), ”has spring come”


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Days In The Blackberries Field

I am Love
the healer
and the guide.
Close your eyes.
Inhale me.
per breath.
Feel me
through your veins
per pulse.
I am all around.
On your skin
the top of your nose
touching your lashes.

Are you ready?


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