By the River

swaying swing up and down
small boots chase the clouds
“same mammy”, river whispers 

For Carpe Diem #563, River


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Days In The Blackberries Field

I am not much familiar with painting and roughly speaking, the only time when I draw is during occasional meetings at work, and only if they last long or they are very annoying.
I’m not sure if my master pieces could be called drawings at all, because I usually make some undefined forms that are created by joining geometrical figures without any sense.
Today was one of those meetings, a little uncomfortable I could say, and I think I was pretty upset while it lasted. I don’t know why instead of the usual geometric shapes I started to draw little flowers (I guess that some psychologists would probably have an explanation) but here is what was made as my response to stress. :)
What a surprise it was when I saw today’s prompt on CD. Another coincidence? Hmm…



throwing rays
through the color window
the sun sets

For Carpe Diem’s “Arti-visual” Haiku #1


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Days In The Blackberries Field

a dusty basement
cemetery of worn toys
locked by the cobweb

For Carpe Diem #555, Cemetery


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Under The Night Sky

Days In The Blackberries Field

under the night sky
deleting and rewriting
~ factories of dreams

For Carpe Diem’s “Sparkling Stars” #4, Basho’s “the autumn full moon”


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One Way Or Another

Days In The Blackberries Field

wind whines
breaking branches
instead of sobs
silent witnesses
pile of crumpled wipes
on the nightstand
from the makeup kit
she pulls out a daily smile
before going out
after departure
only gloomy sky remains
waiting for a spring
love shot
right through the heart
grime on a shirt

For Carpe Diem #553, Grief


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Art of Receiving

Days In The Blackberries Field

Hands are cheaters.
Look into the eyes,
where the soul sleeps!

Inspired by Carpe Diem Special #105, Francis of Assisi’s first quote


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Days In The Blackberries Field

Old me
but new release

My “I” plays with me

A little there
and little here

But neither here
nor there

I’d be all over
but I’m nowhere

I step forward
but then step back

I would choose left
but I always go right

While they lie dormant
I jump up and down

When they say: ‘Jump!’
I make a squat

Hello, again!
It’s nice to meet you

Maybe you know my name

Old me
but new release

My “I” still plays with me

It hides it’s secrets
in my dreams

so I wear a glue
on my eyes

Eyelids are heavy
oh, so heavy

Gate is unlocked
Nobody’s in there

Another dream starts

Another game
Another round

Sword in my right hand
White flag in my left pocket


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