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I live surrounded by paper. It’s everywhere – on the shelves, in the drawers, in my purse, every bag, in the pockets of my jacket. Even nowadays, beside all those novelties like Google Drives, One Notes, blogs and stuff like that I keep trusting in my old friend. The truth is that I was betrayed so many times. Whenever I need something important, I can’t find it.

unfolded and folded
origami heart
passing autumn

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12210 2


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It’s about a journey, not a destination – they say. I agree. But it’s about the right shoes, as well, I would add.

on a shelf
among the shoe molds
a right pair

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Earlier today I posted something HERE that I wrote some time ago for the prompt Carpe Diem Special (2nd guest) Kala Ramesh’s “sunbirds peck”, but considering that everything in that post was made by myself too, I could link it here too.🙂


This is what you get when you try to improve your second language by reading your own writing.

Just an experiment so please don’t laugh! At least, not too much…😀😀

Linked to Carpe Diem Special (2nd guest) Kala Ramesh’s “sunbirds peck”

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