It comes and goes in waves, but silence stays. And a persistent dream that survives every awakening.

~ between here and there just a whisper of my dreams ~


Carpe Diem Theme Week #4 (7 ): Latifa Prayer lines 6 & 7: “I love” and “I am prepared”

And, dear Chèvrefeuille, thank you for the music!


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I had a dream last night that I desperately tried to remember in the morning but without success. I wouldn’t try that hard if I didn’t meet you there. That was a message for me left on my pillow as a signpost, but silly me, I never open my eyes when it’s needed. The bigger irony is that I always fail to close them when it’s expected.

how many steps
on the same pavement?
echoes trapped by walls


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Sudden glow and disappearing. And then just a clock ticking.
Or my heart?

following the rain
silence and me



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drop by drop
sliding down the window
sleepless night

on the top of her tongue
a syllable yet unspoken

behind the eyelids
shimmering moonlight
mirrored in the sky

looming from afar
a top of the sea reef

numbers on the clock
flashing synchronized

calming down
evening meditation

Linked to Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #78 Soliloquy no Renga “sutumn night” by Santoka Taneda


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10405 – from a pocket

May, 4th.
Thirty six years ago.
One man died. I remember that day by the tears on the faces of the millions. I was just a kid then and I did not know anything about life.
May, 4th.
Thirty six years after.
I still learn. But I also teach. I rarely cry. And I rarely smile. A sudden thunder from a middle of Nowhere. Strange, but I’m not afraid.

palm through the window
how calming is
rainy night in May

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My screen turned into a basket full of colorful eggs. Everyone wants to brag a little. Not me. At least, not today.

I saw a status: “If you don’t post a picture of your eggs, Facebook will close your acount”. It made me laugh, really.

Sun has changed a hairdresser so that must be a sign, I thought.

All in all, everything is same as it was yesterday, except that I decided to clean my windows for change. Maybe I’ll be able to see clear white paroles in the sky.

sad is a man
who follows the crowd
unpublished selfie

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Linked to Carpe Diem #966 passing of spring


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