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A family  threw four puppies on the street. They kept a mother, she was their old pet. But, taking care of so many dogs sounds too dificult. They left them in front of a skyscraper full of children with a pretext that puppies would be wanted and happy there. What a self-deception and seeking for justification for their own action. Dogs were picked up by the dog catchers.

A dog is man’s best friend. A mom of these puppies still love and trust the people who feed her. Puppies thought it’s a way that the life goes.

Who can draw a line where the trust should stop being unreservedly? Some of us never learn.

all my thoughts
I pull back inside

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clean window
but still closed
silly fly!


Searching for an alarm icon. Five hours and a few minutes left. After the long day, crowd and too many words spoken, finally it’s time for quietness. I used to look for happiness on a various places, nowadays I know where it could be find quickly.

thin border
dream or a self-talk
evening meditation

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Sunday afternoon and escape from reality. Destroyed stairs leading down to the water. Three storks and lot of frogs revealed only by bubbles in a water. Remnants of the river mussels all around. On a left, a lonely duck. Neglected veranda with two armchairs, half-broken. I imagine a summer’s day, the sun runs through the trees and me, tucked into this quietness.

smell of river
calm down, my dreams!


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After a few unsuccessfully attempts, I finally remembered the first thing that I was taught – if you want a change, clean the space that surrounds you. It’s worth of a try, at least I would do something useful. I remember the time when I used to reorder all furniture in a room, but nowadays, unfortunately, there’s no much of the things I could change. So, my biggest act of change became a cleaning the windows and changing the curtains. This time I decided to do something totally different so I gave my attention to the carpets. How is this connected to the blossom, I guess you are wondering. Oh, in so many, many ways…

still intact
blossom petals blanket
under the tree

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Not so long ago I came across some videos about coincidence and since then I testified its’ truthfulness so many times. There’s no coincidence, they say, only synchronicity. So, a day before yesterday I got a picture in my Inbox. It was a picture of a drumstick, a frog leg, to be more precise. Today I’m supposed to write about frog. I think that’s all I have to say at the moment.

through the window
breaking the silence
singer in green

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I must admit that I’m not much of a gardener and don’t know almost anything about it, but something just came on my mind… Strange are these wishes, you know. As plants. I’m thinking of those that bloom very rare and need a lot of time to rise. I’m sure they exist.

We find one and plant it in a garden of our thoughts. Then we take care of it, watering it on a daily basis, gently clean all dust from the leaves, count each leave and centimeter, eagerly wait for it to grow up, imagine its’ flower, its’ color, scent …

Finally, one morning, we wake up and see the first bloom. OMG, what a thrill! “How long I’ve been waiting for this moment!” Then a flower, so long-awaited and desired, begins to grow.

Suddenly, a question!

“What now?!”

And so it begins…

“Should I pick it? Should I leave it where it is? What when a blossoming pass? Garden will look so dull … ” Countless unnecessary thoughts, but time has no mercy. A flower veins and everything again looks like before.

“It doesn’t matter”, we say, “it’s still here. Next time I will think less and enjoy more.”

And so on …


Linked to Carpe Diem #1048 stones

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