‘You’re a workaholic, aren’t you?’, she says.
‘What do you run from?’, she continues.
‘What do you mean?’
I ask, but I know what she was trying to say.
‘Some people try to find a shelter in work, preventing themselves to think about the things that don’t go very well in their lives’, she tries to explain.
‘Nah, I’m not like that!’, I smile, ‘I search for a shelter in my dreams.’

sheets of paper
all around the room
returning winter


As I walk, I don’t look back at the houses that once were mine. Who knows, maybe I’ve already spent all my tears for the fond memories of the past.
I remember the old lime tree in whose shade I used to spent days and days. I pass there every day but I’m not sure if it still exists. Guess I’m old enough to look back over the past.
A shot of the bridge – proof that I walked by here. Then a test, asking for a sign.

I don’t believe, but I want so much to be wrong.

I used to live near the city church. Now I stop in front of it, making another photo of this tourist attraction.
In a shop window, beneath the town clock, a message for me hidden between the white wings.

I don’t understand you, but I just saw a miracle!

In the evening, greenery on your window beautifies a drab of the old skyscraper. Sound of music behind the closed doors.

Expectance is my lullaby.



Maybe all those teachers were just right. There’s no bad occasions, maybe it’s really just our perception of everything. Every single person in our life teaches us a lesson. Sometimes we are aware of them and sometimes many years have to pass before we see the point. Many moonless nights passed before I finally decided to leave the Blackberries Field. I have never regretted.

a bridge
overgrown with grass

Linked to Carpe Diem #1161 Matsuyama City birth-place of Shiki


Raindrops flow down the pink umbrella. Signposts on the crossroads and love engraved in tarmac. One naughty seagull instead of hat at the top of a statue head. Unexpected walk through the past lives. Mine or someone else’s? I don’t know, but how beautiful they are! Few stolen kisses through the narrow passages, when nobody’s looking. Sudden sound of the church bells awakens all my dormant dreams.

tossing halo
instead of bouquet
toward the sun

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