I haven’t talked to myself in a long time, as if we had nothing more to say to each other.

Saturday afternoon.

I stopped washing the dishes suddenly, without a word, I put my sneakers on and went down to the store.

Hazelnut chocolate and a bunch of snacks. I dropped them on a table, next to the laptop, just as she had liked before.

“Write!” I said, “No matter what, write!”

Saturday afternoon
it’s not me
but my inner self



Nothing is as it used to be before, and she didn’t even recognize the moment when the magic had lost its power. Everything is exactly as it should be and nothing hurts as it could hurt before, but yet, it seems that the glow of everything has faded and that there’s no even one single shiny thing in this world. She knows it’s a lie, so she tries and tries to awake at least one of the many charms that used to make wonders before. Nothing happens. Just a dull emptiness, periodicaly disturbed by the games of her awakened evil mind. Helpless soul cries for the words.




Leave my stone immediately! It’s my Sun that lights up the whole Sky!!! I thought, but kept silent. What do they know about our connection anyway… As nothing happens by coincidence, I got a perfect photograph for the last day of this summer trip.


Day per day – a feather per feather… My heart sees a guardian angel, but the eyes see this divine being. Anyway, my messenger decided to unhide.