20701 – 2

“Good evening, teacher and Merry Christmas!”, I heard an unknown male voice behind my back while I was staring at the refrigerator full of milk and cheese.

I turned around. Two guys, two very well-known faces were standing there, smiling at me.

I know one of them. He was a student in my school few years ago and I remember him from the hall. I felt that there was something strange in their combination so I was confused, especially because I coudn’t recognize the other, who (I strongly felt) should be more important to me.

I didn’t hide my surprise but I tried hard to mask my confusion making a wide smile with a question: ” So, how are you? It was so long time, as if we haven’t met for the centuries.”

He laughed and said: “Indeed, since the last summer.”

What a shame! How short my memory became!

I got it in a minute – he was one of my first students. Images started to flow quickly. I remember that face. A shy boy of 11, second row by the door. He must be about 26 now! I remember everything, except his name. Ok, ok, and the last summer… and our conversation. Right!

What supprised me more, he asked me about my life, saying that just a few days ago they were talking about me. I was so confused that I even forgot to ask who “they” were. Only the fact that they were talking about me, their teacher, a decade after they left the school was too big for my heart! I think it couldn’t stand the more of that.

We are not aware how many lives we touch every day and how big imprint we may leave on each of them. Please, just let’s try harder!

On my way home I remembered his name, too! And our last meeting. I even remebered what we were talking about, but it’s not so important any more.

Oh, God, how quickly we’re getting old!!!

few words
make a miracle
in my heart

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We wait for a miracle to happen. Then miracle happens and suddenly ceases to be a miracle. So we start waiting for a new, real miracle. And so on…
I hope one day we’ll realise that we were the miracle every single minute of our lives.

along the road
shimmering in the moonlight
an empty bench

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Pictures rotate rapidly. Is it my inner child that persistently knock from the inside? Where are you going? Who are you going with? Here they are, coming back, some thoughts from the teenage days. I think it was me! Who is the one who moves my arms? Who is the one who takes my steps? Don’t give up, child! Never give up!

guarding me
her last Christmas picture
on my chest

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