21504 – Unconditional 01

He goes a couple of steps back, admiring his new masterpiece. A deep sigh, then a look to the starry sky, as if he’s waiting for approval. One hand in his pocket, dragging the fingers of the other one through his gray hair. A slight smile like a flirt with the stars. He’s still handsome and attractive. Years drawn on his face give him some kind of a special charm. Loved and desired by the countless women, he is still happiest alone with his canvas and a brush. That’s when he can be with her. In his imagination. And he feels that she knows that too. He knows that, every time she winks from above with a blink of a star.

flashing love-oaths
saved in the starry sky
summer night


Prvo pravi nekoliko koraka unazad, diveći se novom remek-delu. Sledi duboki uzdah, pa pogled na zvezdano nebo, kao da čeka odobrenje. Jedna ruka mu je u džepu, dok prstima druge prolazi kroz sedu kosu. Blagi osmeh, kao da flertuje sa zvezdama. Još uvek je zgodan i privlačan. Godine iscrtane na njegovom licu daju mu neki poseban šarm. Voljen i željen od nebrojeno žena, još uvek je najsrećniji kada je sam sa svojim platnom i četkicom. Tada može biti sa njom. U svojoj mašti. I on oseća da ona to zna. Siguran je u to, svaki put kada mu namigne odozgo treptajem neke od zvezda.

trepere ljubavne zakletve
sačuvane u zvezdanom nebu
letnja noć

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How do you imagine my imagination? And how my words appear in the kaleidoscope of your thoughts? I wonder, because what you see is not me, but you. What attracts you to me is a part of you. When you run away from me, you run away from yourself. But these backpacks that we carry on our backs are full of our own little things, so we sometimes walk out of step and collide. Never mind, the wind is always here to bring us back on the right road. Sometimes it just tickles the new born petals and sometimes it wakes the withered leaves, but every time it’s about dance. So, turn the silence into the music and take a step on the dance floor!

trembling petals
in the spring breeze
ah, that silence!

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I died once, you know?
And then I was born and I killed you.
Many times!
Forgive me, I didn’t know better.
I forgot everything.
Every tear dried from the inside
and a pain of the frozen feet
in front of your door.
Every glance at the stranger
who reminded me of you a little.
And a word that I stole
from your lips in a moment
I have forgotten.
So no, I won’t return an oblivion!
I was searching for you, I admit
along the gloomy boulevards
and the gardens of the metropolitan hotels.
You have never been there, never.
That’s why I deleted you from the diaries.
Sorry, I didn’t know better.
I forgave you all your sins
then put them in the chains of evil
so I could start hating you.
But I haven’t. I never have.
I keep forgiving over and over again.
Sorry, I don’t know better.

Umrla sam, znaš?
A onda se rodila pa ubila tebe.
Mnogo puta!
Oprosti mi, nisam umela bolje.
Sve sam zaboravila, sve.
Svaku suzu iznutra osušenu
i bol promrzlih stopala pred tvojim vratima.
Svaki pogled upućen strancu
koji je bar malo podsećao na tebe.
I reć koju ti ukradoh sa usana u trenu
Ali ne, ne vraćam ti zaborav!
Tražila sam te, priznajem
po sumornim bulevarima
i baštama velegradskog hotela.
Nikada nisi bio tu, nikada.
Zato sam te izbrisala iz dnevnka.
Izvini, nisam umela bolje
Sve grehe sam ti davno oprostila
pa sam ih kovala lancima zla
ne bih li počela da te mrzim.
Ali nisam. Nikada nisam.
Praštala sam ti iznova i iznova.
Oprosti mi, ne umem bolje.

odjekuje pod štiklama
april, ponovo


Linen flutters in the wind like a flag
Symbols of the past, childhood and dreams
Scent of fabric softener spreads all over the yard
The midday sun reflects in her glasses
Curls on a short, gray hair don’t move in the breeze
Voices and the children’s laughter on the street
Football ball flies over the roofs
Black mustaches, in the Clark Gable style
Big smile that reveals a row of his white teeth
Sunday morning
I put my cheeks on the eiderdown of the small
yellow chickens, hatched last night
People come and go, without retention
Everything smells of joy and innocence

Then a picture of me staring at the sky
Cold and rainy April night
I send the greetings on the wings of my thoughts
Hope that they’re really somewhere out there
never lives me

I miss you so much

behind the veil
hint of a bride’s rosy lips
hazy moon

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I’ve come this far, taking them both into the pockets of my jacket and pulling them out alternately. Sometimes, I get confused and pull out the wrong one at the wrong moment or on the wrong place. I admit, I prefer the sleepy one, with her head in the clouds and a kind word for everyone. Who wouldn’t? But I also respect the other one. She is so logical and pragmatic and often more successful than the first one. They are never alone, nor together. And me, I’m the real artist on a wire, trying to balance and keep them both in my pockets.

quick glance at the Sun
then at the Moon
spring equinox

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We learn, every single day of our life.

Sometimes we need someone to wake us up and remind us of who we are.

Sometimes we just need to wake someone up.

Sometimes it needs to be mutual.

Some lessons are too hard to understand immediately.
In a time, usually in a strange moment, when we don’t expect it, one inosent thought wakes another without any intention and suddenly everything becomes so clear.

We live and we learn.

dusty souvenirs
between me and the Moon
telephone wires

Picture Source: jaycoxfilm and Animal Photos!

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