Love L1

Days In The Blackberries Field 56

It’s everywhere around you

Open your eyes and see it

Open yourself and receive it

Open your gates and give it

And more you give – more you’ll receive

Just never, ever give up on it


17 thoughts on “Love L1

      1. if you want lots of eyes, tomorrow will probably be a good day. i don’t really want lots of eyes, i just like posting every 2 or 3 days and i’m off Monday too.:-)


      2. hhmm….i’m not sure you have to have anything ‘big’ to say, could just be a thankyou, maybe write a poem if that feels more comfortable……are you sure you really want to do it?


      3. No, in this one. I’ve already corrected it. But maybe I will do that next time. Sometimes I have a problem with stacking tenses. We don’t have that in my language. Thanks 🙂


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