To Someone Forgotten

I could make a poem about you,
but I forgot the font that you like.

I could paint a picture of you,
but you are the artist and you’ll laugh at it.

I already forgot the color of your eyes.
You said it’s red, but I can’t remember. 

The last image that I saw was blurred,
hidden behind the tear in your eye.

Maybe I could play some of our songs
but all CDs are scratched by the time.

Some of the movies? Books that we liked?
Some of the quotes that I didn’t write?

A phone call? A Letter?
Wave from the cloud?

Greeting from Alaska? Snow from my heart?
What can I give you after all this time?


13 thoughts on “To Someone Forgotten

  1. I really like this. There is a lot of the unexpected in it – and that is what life seems to be about. Life isn’t neat and tidy.


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