Flash (revisited)

06 Aug
I have never re-read this poem until now.
The beginning of my journey through The Blackberries Field and entire WP World.
It was the first time that I posted something in public.
I thought that maybe you could like it too.

Days In The Blackberries Field   

Day One

It was a flash for a moment and I found myself naked in the light.
I saw you sitting there, in front of the hole.
Your arms were crossed.
I knew you were waiting.
You were thinking how to cross over it.
Strange, because you were headless.
“Where is it?” – I asked myself.
“Maybe he left it here.” – I thought.

Day Two

So, I looked into my bag quickly. No, it wasn’t there.
I started looking for it everywhere and I must admit that it was a bad idea.
All I found were things that I wanted to forget.
I found someone else’s face,
I saw someone else’s eyes,
I heard someone else’s words…
I found a rain and tears in your eyes…
But I haven’t find the only thing that I was searching for…
Where is it? I must find it! Where is it?


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6 responses to “Flash (revisited)

  1. okohodeluxe

    07/08/2013 at 8:28 am

    Reblogged this on MB-deluxeblog and commented:
    The first time you stare down at the keys wondering are this words perfect to introduce you to the world. I say relax take a breather and jus enjoy your blog


  2. Christopher Schultz

    30/11/2013 at 1:12 am

    Nice, I enjoy your witings my friend .



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