Days In The Blackberries Field R73

I think I’m invisible
I don’t know how that happened.
It seems that the color of my skin faded
every time when I came down to the Earth.
No one notices me while I’m walking down the street.
The ones I used to know before
don’t recognize me.
I stopped greeting them.
I’m afraid that they will not answer.
When I talk, no one hears my voice.
I gave up on talking.
Sometimes, I mingle through the crowd ,
wave a hand or put a smile on my face.
Nothing happens.
I’m invisible.
I don’t know how many times I fell ,
but I’m sure that a part of me disappeared
every time I came down to the Earth.
Something inside of me died ,
the wings were weakened.
I can’t fly anymore.
I’d like to go up, but I can’t get there alone.

I think that I was a flashlight  in my previous life.  


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