Just another scribbles

Days In The Blackberries Field R94-3

And somehow
it always fades in a moment
I don’t know how 
and I don’t know why
Without any notice 
and for no good reason
Just as it occurs
I remain confused
I’m afraid of heights
and have fear of depth
I’m afraid of dark
and too shy in light
I travel by cab
because I’m afraid to drive
My yards are without fence
but my houses remain roofless
Because of that nothing ever happens
Days are the same 
and I have no opportunity 
to make a real change
But I am still different all of the time
I change my hats every morning
because I lose them while I sleep
Sometimes I keep hidden 
an umbrella into my bed
Just in case…


2 thoughts on “Just another scribbles

    1. Basically, but it is exaggerated here. It was late and I was tired so I just threw ideas out. I corectted it today in the next post, but I feel sorry to delete this one.


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