Yaroslavsky Terminal Moscow

sound of violin
random glance changes two lives
~ a search is over

To be honest, this was pretty hard task for me. Somehow, I was feeling like 17 syllables were not enough so I used the form of choka. Personally, I still like it more then the shorter version. 🙂

Yaroslavsky Terminal
greets trains from afar.
Whistle of locomotive,
sound of violin,
the five centuries long search…
Random glance changed everything.

For Carpe Diem #364, Yaroslavsky Terminal Moscow


13 thoughts on “Yaroslavsky Terminal Moscow

  1. Brevity packs more of a punch….but if you feel penned in, why not try a paragraph of prose before the haiku? It’s haibun (and all the cool kids are doing it. Ha ha).


    1. I wasn’t sure about the rule and if it has to be answered only by haiku so I made one for any case, although I saw on your blog that you responded in a different way which I liked. Thanks for your feedback.


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