Inspiration Leaves Traces ~ ABOUT LOVE ~

my blood gets warmer
while my knees are getting weak
~ uncertainty kills

am I not worth it
or are you just pretending?
~ lies are mask for fear

open the heart wide
allow me to fly in it
~ says Love, the healer

unknown ecstasy
restless thoughts simmer inside
~ overwhelmed by love

searching for ourselves
we travel around the world
~ our past follows us

sound of violin
random glance changes two lives
~ a search is over

stars align brightly
tirelessly adorning sky
~ an eternal vow


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Leaves Traces ~ ABOUT LOVE ~

    1. They really are written as separate pieces. I wrote lot of them last few days, so I’m trying to sort similar by a topic now. Thank you very much. 🙂


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