Picture Of Geese

a picture of geese
that’s all I could see today
drinking my coffee
in the afternoon, evening
picture of geese, nothing more

In response to Carpe Diem’s Tanka Shrine #3, Geraldine’s “Ice slowly recedes”


12 thoughts on “Picture Of Geese

    1. It’s me again. I visited your site and subscribed but I didn’t understand how to participate and I am not sure what is the challenge. If I got it right, I should write a haiku inspired by the photos, right?


      1. Hi! I hope the subscriptions work, had them set on the old site url. I think might need to change, but always – or usually post a link on wordpress. We always post 2 photos, prompt words or quotes, and you should choose 1. There should be a little prose then haiku, making it a haibun, a style becoming quite popular. Here’s a haibun written today as an example, though the prose can be shorter. Very nice group of people on this weekly one. I think you’d write great haibun. We are preparing an anthology of best ones. http://hamishgunns-haibun.tumblr.com/


      2. Really a very good haibun. I am sure you must feel that it is. I am just now understanding English might not be your first language. Am amazed. No grammar mistakes, just maybe one or two expressions, but not an issue. Your piece shows me why I like haibun so much. If you could enter your haibun into the ‘blue critter links’ http://www.gunns-cabinfever.pw/2/post/2014/01/lgo-habun-challenge-image-week.html#.UszxDdKSxst would be great, otherwise of course I can do it! Thank you very much Sky Vani!


      3. Ok, I found it. Silly me, I was looking for it yesterday and I was hoping to find any other example of some fellow blogger in order to see how haibun should look like. Unsuccessfully. So I followed your instructions. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you. 🙂


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