After The Party

We stayed too long at the party tonight. The last bus is long gone, and we can’t even think of calling a cab. We are broke.

You know, nowadays it’s not easy to be a student. In fact, I guess it never was. No matter how much money they send from home, somehow we spend it all too quickly. So, we had no choice but to go by walk.

Luckily we are passing by this store which works non-stop, so we remembered in time that we are run out of cigarettes. My friend is going to buy them while I will wait for him here, sitting on the bench.

No passersby in sight, just this stray dog ​​that is sniffing my right shoe. I’m sitting and looking across the street.


Picture by Ines Williamson

Don’t you think that a living in these old buildings in the city center is a little strange? Have you ever asked yourself who may live there?

I can bet there must be an old man who still tries to take care of himself alone because his wife died few years ago. I guess that his children visit him on weekends only. Not even every week.

Everyone is asleep here. The lights are turned off. Everywhere, except on the last floor . Who may be awake out there? Perhaps a student, some night-owl, who is preparing for tomorrow’s exam. Who knows…

Look, the restaurant owner is turning off the lights and getting out. It’s closing time.

Oh, here is my friend with cigarettes. It’s time to go.

all along the street
windows tell unique stories
locked behind the doors

In response to Līgo Haībun Challenge – Image Week


16 thoughts on “After The Party

  1. I agree with that comment above, Really good voice – very nice way of opening up the scene with the questions, intriguing questions, and strong immediacy about he text. Considering this is your first haibun I am very impressed.indeed. A casual walk home becomes a moment of philosophical pause, until snapped out of reverie by something mundane. I really do like haibun very much. This piece is really a fine, valid piece. Yhanks so much for coming to Ligo.


      1. The one that I wrote today? About entering? I saw that on several places, and I “play” it in some haiku group on fb. That’s how I got all those haiku few days ago. 🙂


      2. I’ve seen the pattern. Oh… see, events are so productive. Been wanting to do a simple comment add-a-line in the fb group I help mod…mostly for my own benefit.


      3. That idea was great. I liked it. I am not much active there because I discovered that I am more for short forms in English. At least lately… Or maybe it is just a matter of inspiration… I don’t know.


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