Up and Down

Days In The Blackberries Fields 

up, down, upside down
we scream but yet don’t fall out
~ a roller coaster


8 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. How long did you say you have been writing haiku? You researched a lot also I think…the style of this is someone who really understands haiku.. All you have missing is a kimono and green tea!


    1. Thank you. I started this blog in March or April. That’s when I started to write again. I had some short thoughts – they are my favorite, but in free verse. At the beginning of the summer I tried to write them in short-long-short thinking that it is haiku in English. Few months later I started putting them in 575 and called them haiku. Well, last month I learnt a lot. But still I write by feeling and it is hard to memorize all those terms and names. 🙂 When I finish, I am never sure what is written – haiku or senryu. But yes… I think that I understand the basis.


      1. By ‘understand’ I mean truly, deeply understand. There are not many that do, in my experience. You do. PS, as Basho said,’learn the rules then break them!’ Thank you for your reply. Interesting.


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