Days In The Blackberries Field

attacking in groups
divided in seventeen
~ mighty syllables

Inspired by Carpe Diem #411, Ryuko-ji (Temple 41)


7 thoughts on “Math

  1. Try to loose that counting of syllables Sky … feel free to break through that routine … counting syllables makes it an ordeal to write haiku … Basho (one of the classic haiku-masters) has written a few years (1683-1685) his haiku without counting syllables or characters. This way of writing haiku is called Kanshicho or in the way of the Chinese poems. So … try to compose your haiku without the stress of counting.


    1. While I was writing this, for me “17 syllables” was the synonym for haiku – a possibility to say something great with so little words. I don’t think that we should limit ourselves with counting, of course not. Thanks a lot.


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