Days In The Blackberries Field

The same Earth we share. 

At the moment when your foot touches the top 
mine descends to the bottom.

At the same time when I try to climb up,
you precipitously slide down.

The same air we breath.

There are many more of us, I am sure.
Aside, irrelevant, yet so important to others. 

We all gather around the same center, 

The same Earth we share.

Each of us swim our seas 
or trying to climb our own mountains. 

The same air we breath.

Mostly, we just float so
trying to get the Sun while others chasing the Moon . 

Still, your day is my night.
Someone’s tomorrow is someone’s never.


I got by Bibliomancy Oracle:

“Any pronoun here can be misread. He can mean you can mean I.”

(from “Marble Hill” by Kazim Ali)


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