Sea Themes (mix)

Days In The Blackberries Field

At opposite ends
of the spring we are attached.
When we’re the closest
the distance suddenly grows
and we become the farthest.
When the turmoil in the street stops аnd everything appease,
when everyone escape into own dreams and you can’t hear anything
but the roar of waves that slowly arrive at the coast and fall asleep,
you may find yourself wide awaken in the middle of night.
Be careful then!
The noise of your own thoughts can wake up dazed silence
and solitude suddenly could be felt more than ever before.
Maybe you wouldn’t be able to hear the songs of angel who sang only to your ear earlier
and the sun that used to shine just for you before, may seem colder than ever.
You may feel so lonely that one thought could wake up another…
Why? When? Why? Why? Why?

’cause sky is endless
and sea could never dry up
as long as rain falls

Waves tickle the shore
throwing playfully pebbles.
Sand giggles, kisses
sea’s cheek quickly, then pretends
that nothing happened.
Two lives just found each other.
Trembling just before
the first kiss, then hand in hand,
belief it will last
forever. It never does.
But memories do
and smell of salt forever
etched into nostrils


For Carpe Diem #446, Beach


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