No Compromise (mix)

13 Apr

I got the strange message in my Inbox today without any explanation.
Just two words: NO COMPROMISE!
I have to admit that I was confused a little, but I haven’t asked anything, trying (as always) to discover the reason by myself.

Yes, I had to give up at the end because all that I discovered were some personal things about myself, so I had to ask the sender for the real reason of sending it.

But, exploring is always fun, isn’t it?!

The first picture that I got on my mind was the night about a year ago. My nights are pretty similar, so maybe that is why I remember this one as it was yesterday.
I was in the middle of my self-repairing program and it was working pretty well. Because I like to write down my decisions, that night I made the list of things that I want as very important part of my life. The list was very short, in fact. It was made by only one word.
I closed it and hid it on a safe place where only the Universe and me could find it.
That was the night when I decided to change things.

useful reminders
inner conversations saved
~ the Universe reads

words on hidden page
about wish never said loud
~ silent witnesses

wrap yourself in love
gleaming like a starry sky
~ path illuminates

But I am a modestly person. My wish seemed unreal, so I changed it. I made another list, but this time I added more small things that I want, trying to sort out what I really need. The list became quite long. So many things that were hard to get, but the things that I really needed. I closed it again and left on the same safe place. I have never opened it again.

Once I wrote a wish
by clouds on my endless sky,
but answer delayed.
You ask for too much, I thought.
So I wiped the sun.
Clouds kept floating aimlessly
looking for reply.
But reply wasn’t coming, 
only few birds flew. 
Your wind is too strong, I thought.
So I wiped the wind.
Clouds couldn’t float anymore. 
Standing aimlessly
they waited for an answer.
In vain, for too long.
I took them off one by one
leaving sky empty.
Night in the Blackberries Field
reflects strange freshness.
Smell of silence in the air,
tears of new birth from afar.

Things started to change, I changed myself. What is the most important, I loved the changes. But I stopped thinking about the list. I was making some experiments here and there, as tests, just to see does it really work. But, my modesty and lack of faith prevented me of wishing big things. Even if anything really happened, it was so small to be noticed. Until the last week.

I had a vision, not a wish. It was the best picture that I could get from the announced bad situation. Only good situation that I could imagine. I couldn’t accept anything less. And it happened. Every single detail.

The message from today woke me up. Life is too short for compromises. We must believe in our dreams no matter how impossible they seem. I am awake. And going back to the start.

dreams from the pillow
flying to the universe
sparkle in the sky


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