Days In The Blackberries Field

a brave never cries
raised head returns tears back
where none can see them

For Haiku Shuukan #1 Agony


6 thoughts on “Agony

    1. It is my pleasure, Kristjaan. So, thank you! I don’t know about others, but I can say about myself – your prompts are like addiction. Carpe Diem is one of the three things that I open every morning when I wake up. Maybe you could make a challenge about your own blog 🙂


      1. Hmm… I will have to think about it. That was just the idea that came on my mind at the moment when I was writing the answer. I catch myself every day as I opening Carpe Diem while I drink the first coffee, searching for a topic before you post it or looking at the clock in the evening 🙂 That is a kind of addiction, isn’t it? And I believe that I am not the only one, so it is something worthy I think. 🙂


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