Wanderers 2

Days In The Blackberries Field

Years draw wrinkles on our faces while we wait for the miracles.

I wonder why no one told us to open our hands and grab it the very first moment when we reached the cloud and pulled it toward us. Jealous night swallowed everything and cursed us to forget all shades of blue.

Since then all we know is wandering and waiting for a new chance. The day that never comes.

another wind blows
trying to wake me from dream ~
eyes closed years ago

For Carpe Diem Distillation #7, Tagore’s ”Lotus”


5 thoughts on “Wanderers 2

  1. You told me that you have had a hard time with this ‘distillation’ and now … wow this is an extraordinary beautiful haiku … for sure worth your sweat blood and tears Sky … You have come up with a masterpiece in the Spirit of Tagore’s poem.


    1. Yes, I really had a hard time with this and at the end, I wasn’t able to find the right words for haiku that would be good enough to support such a strong poem. So I did what I had to do … 🙂 Thank you.


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