Before And After (connected)

21 May

Searching – Part One

How long are you planning to play with me, my dear?
Do you know that I am tired of all your games?
My face has already got wrinkles of waiting, and my hair is laced with white strands of hope.
I’m tired of seeking for your smile in everyone’s pictures,
of reading your words in everyone’s letters,
of washing my face by everyone’s tears,
of looking for melody in everyone’s songs.
I know you are there, watching the show.
I hear your giggle when I hit sign (sometimes all stars start spinning around).
Who are you and where are you hiding?
Do you know that I am too old for waiting?
I’m tired of uncertainties and tired of darkness, tired of mistakes and unsaid words.
Why do you exsist? Unsolved mystery…
But you are there, I hear your heartbeat.
Are you afraid as much as I do? Or you still observe, testing my will?
You are a lighthouse, keep me up at nights.
You are a lullaby, pull me in my dreams.
You are my universe and you are my fears.
I want to find you, but I don’t know how.

searching for soul mate~
our lives are eternal quests
without a deadline


Rope – Part Two

We are tied to the opposite ends of the rope and dumped into the various parts of the world, sentenced to know one for anoher but to never see each other’s eyes.
So, we live like that for years, or centuries. Each of us has the own end of a twine. We try to drag it to our own side, silently and patiently, blessed by the hope.
It’s difficult, I need the army of strength. Sometimes, suddenly, you attract me too strong. I try to prevail against your power. I know you’re stronger, but I don’t give up.
When I gather all of my strength and think I have you closer to me, you cheat – you let go all of it. I lose control, fall down fast, so I need to go back to the start.

rope pulling
plays continuously
~no one wins


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