About … Truth

Days In The Blackberries Field / The Sea Themes – Returned

buried deep under
bunch of irrelevant words
the truth lies in hope
a morning after
pebbles in the back pockets
disclose hidden truth
unspoken truth
for imagination
one story
two truths
both real
inspired by human nature
the truth is
I’m fake haiku writer

For Carpe Diem #537, Truth


10 thoughts on “About … Truth

  1. You’re certainly no fake haiku poet, your haiku are strong. You always find the correct words to respond on our prompts. Very nice series on truth … it feels like it was an easy prompt for you to write about. Thank you for being real …


    1. Thank you. I’m not very talkative person, except with a few close people. I am of those who prefer to remain silent, observing and contemplating, seeking justification for actions of others. Somehow, I understand others and accept them as they are. It may sound cool, but I’m not always proud of that part of my personality. My way of thinking knows how to make me feeling lonely, and there is always a danger that I could create real stories in my head that are not always the most accurate. Anyway, it’s something I can’t change, but when I say fake haiku writer actually I wanted to say that I’m always more inspired by people and human traits than by nature itself. What we have in common is that we love to express ourselves in short ways. 🙂 That’s why today’s prompt looks easier then some of others. This was the one of the longest comments I have ever made. Btw, I rarely comment and still don’t know why. 🙂


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