At night

Days In The Blackberries Field

I am listening to the silence. I am not meditating. I do not mediate. I tried but I think it didn’t work out. 

Nothing strange.

I am wondering was I ever really good in anything, in my own eyes, until others try the same thing? 

That’s when I realize how good I am. 

But, all is in vain if nobody knows.
I didn’t know either while I was the only one with none to compare.

Anyway, if there are others it is no longer interesting.

So, as i said, I am listening to the silence, but I can’t hear anything except the two crickets
chattering something in the language that only they understand. I’m ignoring them pretending that I am not hearing anything.

No, I do not meditate. I said, I tried and it didn’t work out very well. 

But I learned myself, without books and manuals, not to listen what doesn’t concern me.
Maybe, who knows, maybe if I was concerned I could be interested but I wasn’t. So, it doesn’t matter.

Strange, I forgot what was I going to say.

The wisest thing I can do at the moment is try to mask confusion quickly in three lines…

breaking the silence
a wing against fence of reeds
bat in a hurry


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