Days In The Blackberries Field


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‘Beautiful Rainbow’,
Parrot asks through the bars
spreading his wings wide,
‘What is the price of freedom?’
Surprised, she says: ‘You can talk’.

For Carpe Diem #540, Wings


15 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. I had one small parrot as a pet while I was younger. He learnt to talk and the door of the cage was always open so he was able to freely live in the house. I think he was happy with us. He didn’t know for another way of life. One day he flied out following my dog and we found him on a tree not so far from our house. He was communicating and calling us but wasn’t able to fly down. I don’t know why, I heard but I don’t know if it is the truth that when they get lost they only fly up. There was nothing we could do even we tried for hours. Few hours later, the storm started and I don’t know what was happened to him. I guess he couldn’t survive. So I lost him forever and I don’t believe it was a freedom for him. I still remember sadness of that day. Some don’t know for better life. In every bad there is something good, I guess. Let’s stay positive! 🙂


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