Choka, isn’t it? ~34C (Stillness)

Days In The Blackberries Field

Many miles I passed
of this beaten path of life
following the signs
since time immemorial.
Intertwined voices
calling my name all along.
Signs are everywhere,
then why do I still feel lost?
Whose path do I walk?
They told me to go this way.
I’m not betrayer,
I stepped so I don’t give up.
I do not give up!
Not betrayer, don’t give up…
Still lost, don’t give up…
Searching, observing, finding,
meeting new faces,
discovering new places,
asking for the course,
navigating, wandering,
losing and finding myself.
stillness outside
noise inside

For Carpe Diem #541, Inner Self (Solitude)


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