Yellow Umbrella

Days In The Blackberries Field

I am the one who counts years from September till September since I was a 6 years old. Since then, practically, I have never left school. So, when we talk about new beginnings, somehow I always have on my mind starting of a new school year. Naturally, my inspiration thought that I will go that way. But I confused it and surprised even myself with the words that came on my mind.

yellow umbrella
disappearing in a crowd
trams still come and go

Inspired by Carpe Diem’s “Vision Quest” #1 day 1 “New Moon”


11 thoughts on “Yellow Umbrella

  1. Beautiful. Perhaps the lousy weather where I live has enhanced this with a soundtrack of rainfall, but this is wonderfully clear and precise. The inclusion of trams makes it timeless. Thank you.


  2. Today was the first day of big yellow school buses in our area!
    Good to have that umbrella and to be able to count on the tram.
    My little ones have been watching Curious George so I thought of the Man with the Yellow Hat (and pretty much yellow everything else too).


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