Days In The Blackberries Field

I am not much familiar with painting and roughly speaking, the only time when I draw is during occasional meetings at work, and only if they last long or they are very annoying.
I’m not sure if my master pieces could be called drawings at all, because I usually make some undefined forms that are created by joining geometrical figures without any sense.
Today was one of those meetings, a little uncomfortable I could say, and I think I was pretty upset while it lasted. I don’t know why instead of the usual geometric shapes I started to draw little flowers (I guess that some psychologists would probably have an explanation) but here is what was made as my response to stress. 🙂
What a surprise it was when I saw today’s prompt on CD. Another coincidence? Hmm…



throwing rays
through the color window
the sun sets

For Carpe Diem’s “Arti-visual” Haiku #1


9 thoughts on “Filters

  1. I discern bright balanced buds being drawn inwards to the darker dense depths. This appeals to my eye – as your words always do. Kudos SV.


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