Law of the power (Закон јачега)

intently watching
piece of bread in the craw’s beak
sparrow on the wire


врабац на жици
чежњиво гледа комад хлеба
у вранином кљуну

Inspired by Carpe Diem #566, Crow


21 thoughts on “Law of the power (Закон јачега)

    1. Thanks, Kristjaan. In fact, this is Serbian, my native language. 🙂 It really sounds like Russian a bit. Or Bulgarian… And I was thinking… Because I made a small break with writing, maybe it is a good chance to start with something new. I like changes and I want to try to write haiku in my language. It is not easy as I thought. Not easy at all… 🙂


      1. Sorry I really thought it was Russian … Serbian looks quit a like … good to se you here again Sky. It’s sometimes good to step back and watch at the side-line … it gives you insight in your further path … its somewhat alike with standing on a crossroads … time to contemplate and make new plans … I hope to read more Serbian haiku … with translation please 🙂


      2. No need to be sorry. While I was a student I prepared the most of my exams from Russian books about math. I have never learned Russian, but I could understood them. And, thank you. I will continue writing in English, but I will try to add another version. When I translate it literally somehow it doesn’t look nice so I need to change it. I will work on it 🙂


      3. I am looking forward … I know what you mean by the way. I sometimes translate my English haiku into Dutch (my maiden language), but in a way it never gives me the same feeling …


  1. I love the visual impact of your Serbian words – although I cannot read them. I think putting your haiku into two languages is very powerful – it adds to the impact.


  2. Oh, I’m loving that you have both English and Serbian here!
    Power, indeed — a show-down between the crow and the sparrow — just exquisite.


    1. Hello, J! 🙂 I like your new nick, especially because J is the first letter of my name also 🙂 Thank you much for the support and nice words.


  3. Procitala sam jos na Fbu i moram da ti kazem da na nashem mnogo bolje zvuci, ne znam je li slicnost bila namerno,ali me podseca na sta bi bilo da je Aesop pisao Haiku 😀


    1. Sličnost nije bila namerna, ali je scena i mene podsetila na basnu o gavranu i lisici. Samo što ovaj vrabac nije bio lukav nego je jadničak čekao u nadi 🙂 I hvala za ovo – bolje zvuči na našem – uhvatila sam sebe da sam zaboravila da se izražavam srpskom.


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