Flags (Заставе)


dormant world ~
people dream on the go
wake me up!
успавани свет ~
људи сањају на ногама
пробуди ме!

*** *** ***

flags on a display
the whole world within reach
~ love floats in the air
заставе на екрану
цео свет надохват руке
~ љубав лебди у ваздуху

*** *** ***

I draw letters
without pen and paper
~ pictures of me
цртам слова
без оловке и папира
~ слике о мени

I know, I know… My inspiration about colorful flags went in the unexpected direction, again. At least, I had fun. 🙂

Inspired by Carpe Diem #567, Prayer Flags


9 thoughts on “Flags (Заставе)

    1. Thanks. I know these pictures are not something that usually goes with haiku, but I am not a classical haiku poet either. 🙂 I was trying to make something interesting for the kids that I teach so I spent whole day playing with these comics. I just couldn’t escape the influence 🙂


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