11 Jan

“Oh, no, not another ritual!”, I was grumbling to myself while I was approaching the window. Grey clouds made a curtain and the rain drummed louder than yesterday. Maybe others were ready for the winter spell but I certainly was not! I don’t need a winter, I make my own magic. Without curtains and drums.

flying all around
thoughts take off stars from the sky
each one – fulfilled dream


“Ne! Opet neki ritual?!”, negodovala sam u sebi dok sam se približavala prozoru. Sivi oblaci su napravili zavesu, a kiša je dobovala glasnije nego juče. Možda su drugi i bli spremni za zimsku čaroliju, ali ja svakako nisam. Meni ne treba zima, svoje čarolije pravim sama. Bez zavesa i bubnjeva…

leteći unaokolo
misli skidaju zvezde sa neba
svaka – ispunjen san

Linked to Call Me Ishmael . The first sentence is from “Aleph” by Paulo Coelho, at the moment my favorite book, as it was required by the task.


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