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8 thoughts on “Internal

  1. Het tiy! Sillybilly! Glad you read mypost but not properly…”But the Serbs we fought were bastards” was my quote. the serbs WE FOUGHT. Were you there – no. Did you bother to ask me why they were – no. Don’t be so pathetic. You must not show me Serbs are always so emotional! You are SURELY bettter than this! You decided not to quote other parts of the text I noticed! Anyway, you were not there. The Serbs who were fighting us were bastards. Unless you count smashing babies’heads against the sides of trucks acceptable behaviour. Not ypur best moment at all, my dear, your complaint. I know like Hungarians you consider yourselves victims of history. Perhaps you should re evaluate. Anyway, I know plenty of good things, too. Perhaps for another post. Meanwhile, don’t be so nationalistic.


    1. Thanks for the reply. I’m not nationalistic, just don’t accept the fact that only Serbs were inhuman there. There’s a saying here “U svakom žitu ima kukolja” but when I type it in the Google translator, I get more romantic version of it “Every rose has its thorn”. 🙂 I apologize if I read your post in a wrong way, but at that moment it just didn’t sound fair in my opinion. There’s also the other side of the story but I prefer to stop our conversation about it. I don’t want to make here, on this post, nor anywhere else a political playground because I’m absolutely out of politics and those kind of things. And wars… I don’t believe in them. I don’t make differences between people and I believe in equality. As I said, u svakom žitu ima kukolja! Being good or bad doesn’t depend on nationality or the color of the skin. 🙂


      1. It does not matter that you do not believe in war. War happens, very often. I do not care what you believe about who was inhuman. You were not there. The Serbs we were fighting against there bastards. I know EXACTLY what they did, WHO they were, and WHY they did the things they did. Just because you believe in equality does not mean others do. I can tell you about others in other places, like Mostar, but ou need to accept that some people fight to stop the horror. Not everybody can turn away from it an pretend it does not exist. Most, I notice, are much worse. They do not even comment, ir read. All they want to write about is flowerpots. I an ver sorry I am hard with you. There isn’t another side to the story!


  2. Lovely, the word that comes to mind is “morose” but in all its elegance with black veil covering the upper part of the face. Your haiku has allowed me to imagine a new story/movie in my mind.


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