05 Jul

“Love me like you love the Moon”, he said.
“I can’t love you like that. The Moon is too far”, she replied.
“Moon shines on your way when it’s dark”, he said.
“Moon is cold, I’d rather love you like I love the Sun”, she said.
“Cold? May be”, he said, “but one day you could walk on the Moon.”
“He’s right”, she thought, forgetting that the Moon is never alone.
So she loved him.
She loved him every single night since that moment.
Distant and cold, shining on her lonely dark nights.
She loved him, but she never told him because he was never alone.
Until one winter night when she looked up and saw that he’s not there.
Nor the next one…
Nor the night after…
She felt betrayed.
She bowed her head and never looked up at the sky again.
Then everything stopped.
Then She begun.

instead in reality
late messages arrive
through the dreams


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2 responses to “Messenger

  1. reenapuri

    05/07/2015 at 2:22 am

    amazingly beautiful!!



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