January Report 2015

01 Jan

Since the Moon left the Filed everything changed somehow. Dark nights are cold and Silence became the only melody one can hear. I don’t complain. I am rebel by nature so sometimes, when I feel inspired, I sit on the bench in the backyard and compose a song for some distanced star. Living here is like a sleep. Every day is a new dream and you never know what tomorrow could bring.

a bunch of letters
unopened on the table
waiting for someone

I drew all around
secret paths in the backyard
the cunning signposts


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2 responses to “January Report 2015

  1. Eric

    02/01/2016 at 12:02 am

    “Compose a song for some distant star…” that sounds like a wonderful idea. Simple things are sometimes the best and let us keep our feelings close to our own hearts. Where they are easily understood.
    Like this, Sky.

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