13005 – continue me!

Summer is not really here, they say, but I don’t believe them. It’s not a matter of naivety, nor inexperience, but simply we see only what we want to see.
This morning, I remembered my old dream about a black dog. He was there, at the door – in front of me, but hmm… Very strange… As if someone had infiltrated me in the Hitchcock’s movie. Two crows, attacking a dog and me – standing still, smoking, watching and waiting for the Monday to start unfolding.

rumbling winter storm –
ents are dancing with their wives –
ancient limbs entwined
© Paloma

I don’t even try to find
a way out from this dream

Linked to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Month May 30th: “rumbling winter storms” by Paloma


3 thoughts on “13005 – continue me!

    1. No, it wasn’t a dream. I watched them this morning on my break. Two crows were attacking a dog. At first, I thought they were playing because all three of them were too noisy, but then I realized that there was a fight between them. Then I suddenly remembered a dream that was repeating in the past, with a big black dog in it. And connection happened… 🙂


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