drop by drop
sliding down the window
sleepless night

on the top of her tongue
a syllable yet unspoken

Sky, May 5th

Another May’s gone, forever recording tracks under my fingertips. I will remember it by some yellow and green paintings on the walls, by buses, plans and strange hands on my shoulder, by fake smiles and unfinished stories, by traces of the bare feet forever imprinted on some sandy beaches that I’ve never visited, by the rainy nights and given promises.


Linked to Carpe Diem Utabukuro #11 (restarting an old feature) “Wisteria Beans” by Matsuo Basho


2 thoughts on “10406

  1. Nice to read again, especially as a renga or tanka. The beautiful, moody photography goes well, in the pouring rain. The words were so visual, therapeutic in a way – very artistic


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