11206 – summertime

12 Jun

I have never visited many places that I wanted but in my mind I still keep alive a thought that everything I do is for a reason and that in a time I’ll discover it. I don’t doubt it at all, even I often feel so lonely on my imaginary trips to the future. People that know me say that I live in the clouds but I will tell you that’s not a whole true. I keep my legs so glued on the ground while I walk along this life path that sometimes I can’t make a single step. That’s why my constant wish to pull the cloud toward me and to lay my head there always stay unfulfilled especially when it’s closest to my palm. Who is the one to blame? A cloud, my shoes or my inner self?

so many seas
and different seashores
warmed by the same sun

Linked to Carpe Diem 974 Cyprus


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