15 Jun

I watched her dancing, beautiful as a swan, in her new dress as it was the happiest day of her life. It probably was, although it wasn’t even a real birthday. Minions and Hello Kitty, strawberries, kisses and smell of childhood all around.

Rummaging through the old emails, she found a trace of our first correspondence. “I hope we’ll stay in touch”, I wrote. From this point of view funniest thing I could read nowadays. Stay in touch? I think that I couldn’t imagine a day without her. We celebrated an anniversary of our friendship, just how two teenagers would, with music and without alcohol.

Look at the clock, is it time already? I’m little disoriented, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing unusual for this time of the year. I don’t wait anymore. What’s good in it, anyway? It will come at the right time.

feigning indifference
view through window
a silent night


Linked to In The Spotlight at Carpe Diem #3 Valentina Ranaldi-Adams


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