22101 (revisited)

I don’t have tattoos
* only on my heart

I always walk with my head up
* despite the wind that may catch me unprepared

I believe

I believe in angels, dreams and numbers
* I believe in everything

Still, I don’t trust anyone

I write
* to myself

I talk with me often
* in my dreams
* about the dreams

I write numbers
* on the boards and on the pictures

Wherever I go, I send postcards
* to the Universe

Stretching my thoughts I can reach the clouds

Searching for myself I travel through the distance and time
* slowly, defying the fear of flying


circles in a puddle
over the fence
infinite blue

Linked to Carpe Diem #1130 Intuition


6 thoughts on “22101 (revisited)

  1. Ah these are great…..but learn to trust…leonard cohen said “when it all comes down to dust I will help you if I must…I will kill you if I can….when…it all comes down to dust…i wil kill you if I must I will help you if I can…….Have mercy on my uniform…man of peace man of war….the peacock spreads his fan” it sums up human ambiguity…we are ALL flawed (especially me), We are all vain (especially me)……but for every act of pettiness and spite we can see acts of kindness and honour


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