So quickly we forget and get used to live without of each other, scattered all over the world. Yet, the same air we breathe and the same roots drag us back, from where we once started together.

Life connects us sometimes and then, as under a hypnosis, we spread our arms wide and call each other into a hug. We hold ourselves in a long and strong embrace and breathe deep, all of us at the same time. We breath in so deep that we could pull in all the seas and the oceans of this world into ourselves in only one breath.

And again, I find myself in those arms, in long forgotten songs, in the nights by the river without end, in those glasses of wine. I see myself shining in their eyes and I melt in that light. Oh, how good is a feeling of completeness!

dancing meadow
bathed in the sun
butterflies wings

Linked to Carpe Diem Theme Week “The Songs of Milarepa”(2) “flying clouds”


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