No one knows when we turned off the track, nor why all navigation tools refuse to cooperate. Maybe technology has taken off and directed all its superpowers imperceptibly in the opposite direction, deliberately, testing everyone who once swore allegiance to it.

I recognize kindred souls wandering, aimlessly and for too long, rising and falling, hitting they own walls. The old soothing voices are suddenly noisy, like a hammer hitting a nail mercilessly.

They say that the beginning and the end overlap just when my favorite virtual astrologer stopped giving predictions for free. What good is to know the current phase of the Moon, if I don’t know what it has to do with me?

indecisive spring
trying to put soul in verse

3 thoughts on “62603

  1. In the last 9 days my oldest sister was told she has terminal cancer. Without chemo she most likely will not last till summer. On Thursday my 16 years old grandson was put into a 13 week rehab center. Then last night while dog and grandma duty with two other grandsons the dog was sprayed by a skunk. The dog came inside and tried to rub the scent off on a mat. It was about 2:30 AM. Put her in garage till we could get needed supplies I remove scent. Shit just keeps coming.


    1. Dear Janice, I’m sorry to read all of these words, but I absolutely understand you. I went through similar situation 2,5 years ago. Some deaŕ persons left this dimension and at the same time my younger sister was in the similar situation as your sister. Fortunately, chemo and other things gave results so she is much much better than she was 2 years ago. But my world somehow changed upside down and nothing feel the same anymore. I realised for the first time in my life how everything is so temporary. Keep strong! There is always sunshine after the rain and this is not just a phase. I really believe in that! Love from Serbia! ❤


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