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Let’s make it clear at the beginning, I’m not philosopher nor poet. In fact, I am nothing special, just an ordinary … With an ordinary life … But hey, sometimes I like to dive my head in the pillow and dream away. Sometimes I just go to a nicer time in the past. Sometimes, if I gather courage, I step into a better future. However, I mostly just close my eyes and watch. I look a little at myself, or imagine people around a little. And that’s it …


following a bus

to the city of memories

December Moon

unconditonal love enters 

through the window glass 


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My home is everywhere I am. And I am wherever my heart is. Somewhere in the sky, peering behind the November clouds.

ticking clock
fading out slowly
another month

Linked to Carpe Diem #1317 wherever your heart is


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end of November
stuck in the dark sky
frozen Moon

Linked to Carpe Diem #1316 Moon of My Delight


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Ah, that love! With a thousand lives. Burned, then raised from the ashes. Endlessly washed out – in sweat and in tears. Forgotten, found, thrown away like a stone into the water to sink, to disappear in the depths where it was born.
It would always strike the surface, as a source – as a source of everything – as the beginning and as the end.

shining brightly
scattered in the sky
broken moonlight

Linked to Carpe Diem #1315 Scheme of Things


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It was a brief trip to the past. Sleepless nights, riots on the streets, the first win, then a silence, big illusions born on the pillow, the fireworks, deillusion… She was all alone, but the hotel bed was cosy and she didn’t notice that anything was missing. A few drinks in a bar and the feeling of pleasure. She pretented that she enoyed the conversations, although she didn’t listen anything. She was intoxicated with the sense of freedom and it’s only that matters. Step further and she was in the field, allowing the moonlight to reflect in her hair, dancing to the sound of the warm wind till infinity and beyond. Suddenly, a thunder stroke, a fall and awakening. Awakening, that came with a big A on the sky screen. Once. Than once again.

two eyes
glued on the window glass
waiting for a dawn

Linked to Carpe Diem #1232 past regrets and future fears


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autumn breeze
silky petals tremble
under the fingertips

shadows on the wall
dance to the sound
of saxophone

~ daydreaming ~



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trembling river
touched by the sunbeam


Linked to Carpe Diem #1301 River’s Lip


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waiting for a dawn
petals by the window

Linked to Carpe Diem #1300 The Rose


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footprints in the snow
or melted

on a departure
don’t look back!


Linked to Carpe Diem #1299 Snow On The Desert


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20610 – Troiku

ancient warriors
no winners
on a battlefield

between battle and peace
a silence
along the wall

writing haiku
I fight the death
in my way

Linked to Carpe Diem Weekend-meditation #5 Troiku ancient warriors

For creating this Troiku, I used a modern Haiku made by our host:

ancient warriors
between battle and peace
writing haiku

© Chèvrefeuille


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