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Cherita 9 – 30907

Maybe one day
I’ll open the window
and grab the Moon,

steal it from the evil eyes,
pull toward me and hide

into my pocket where it belongs.


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slit on a dress

moves in the rhythm

of the evening breeze


evening lull

shimmering path

from me to the Moon

Linked to Carpe Diem #1459 evening lull (yuunagi)


evening lull

shimmering path
from me to the Moon

year after year
all hopes and dreams
get lost in pixels

32306 extended (Cherita 9)
Linked to Cherita Poets on Site Prompt 23: once upon another time


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32801 (Cherita 8)

When you start a process, suddenly things begin to change and life surprises you just like that – turning a long silence into indifference.
Someone leaves but some old and familiar faces unexpectialy rise up from the oblivion.

in the middle of winter

rising their heads
early snowdrops

ringing from the hearts
like the thousand bells
around a dancers’ waist

Linked to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #17 Out of The Carpe Diem Box …

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20208 – Cherita 7


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22207 – Cherita 6

in vain is regret

stains of the red wine
on a tablecloth

and the feelings
lost in some verses
with the sounds of violins


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22107 – Cherita 5

night on a beach

two bodyprints
in the wet sand

and the seaweed
between his fingers
trapped in a dream


exploring the night
tangled in the seaweed
salty fingers

Linked to Carpe Diem #1222 Beach


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21407 – Cherita 4

in a shopping mol

she comes in and out
asking for opinion

in front of the wardrobe
man with begs
half awake


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21307 – Cherita 3

summer afternoon

drawers full of
useless little things

I clear away
a wardrobe
of past


21207 – Cherita 2


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21207 – Cherita 1

Last few days I read some beautiful poetry written by my wonderful friend, a fellow blogger and author Celestine Nudanu. She introduced me a new form of poetry called Cherita that I found very inspiring. I have a feeling that I will spend this summer challenging myself to write many and many of them. This is my first one and dedicaded to my teacher Celestine 🙂

falling in love again

her verses on the screen
play music for tired hearts

something inside of me 
invites old unrests
to dance



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