Carpe Diem’s Renga Party 1 “In The Twilight”

Another party with the CD-family leaded by Chèvrefeuille. You can find more details HERE.

in the twilight
mist creeps over the fields –
stars twinkle (© Chèvrefeuille)

climbing vines of honeysuckle
scented breeze lures out the moon (©Ese)

moonglow touches earth
sparkles brightly on still water
diamonds on the pond (© Candy)

sudden rainfall scatters the light
-a lightning flash makes a frog jump (© Hamish)

brittle rings break
amid drifting leaves –
Luna, eclipsed (© Jen)

swaying branches dance
with the autumn wind (© Sky)

two silhouettes
under umbrella
at the bus stop (© Sky)

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