What would you choose – absolute peace or the unrests brought by the thoughts, which, like a ray of light or a thread of darkness, try to creep into the unfathomable consciousness of others trying to find unapproachable?

Haughty savvy has no mercy and wins every single battle, but the lessons learned in the past become easier to apply in practice and soothe all wounds – past and furute ones.

oh wind, carefully!
don’t you see fragility
of dandelion?


No one knows when we turned off the track, nor why all navigation tools refuse to cooperate. Maybe technology has taken off and directed all its superpowers imperceptibly in the opposite direction, deliberately, testing everyone who once swore allegiance to it.

I recognize kindred souls wandering, aimlessly and for too long, rising and falling, hitting they own walls. The old soothing voices are suddenly noisy, like a hammer hitting a nail mercilessly.

They say that the beginning and the end overlap just when my favorite virtual astrologer stopped giving predictions for free. What good is to know the current phase of the Moon, if I don’t know what it has to do with me?

indecisive spring
trying to put soul in verse


In some strange parallel reality, the Sun and the Moon have disappeared, and the Sky is so expressionless that even gray is no longer gray but some strange transparent one, like a background in the png format. Everything is shallow, but deep at the same time, so there’s no way out for those who’re looking for it. If they’re looking for it at all …

spring is late
river and life
just flowing

Inspirational music:

Four by Sky D Sky

At the end of the hard work that kept me busy during the whole winter break, I decided to make my Inner Child happy and gifted her a brand new book that she was waiting for since the end of 2019. She deserved it, especially for her behavior during the last couple of years!

A few notes from a diary, a lot of pictures from the dreams and imagination, but all in all another great collection that only me (and maybe a few) could love and understand 😀

If you find yourself among those FEW, be free to take a look 😉 https://payhip.com/skydsky

P.S. I guess I need a lector, but who cares.

Never for money, always for love …


In my dreams everything looks real. They are so vivid that even my daily imagination fails to interweave with them.

Then again, in some strange ways, they manage to get me into the moments that I could never call into reality.

When I go inside, I see everything I want to see at the outside.


April sun
World, why are you hiding
your smile behind the mask?



52302 Troiku

With so little snow that had fallen, it seems that the winter washed everything that has ever existed. Sharp glaciers cut the last strands of connection in one go. There is nothing more but that old sense of coldness. Yet, however dark it may seem, sky still leaves some space for the sun to shine and turn this lost world upside down.

after the cold night 
hedges around the stone walls
still breathing

after the cold night
awakened unrests
silenced by stillness

hedges around stone walls
fake smile on the face
of a woman passing by

still breathing
words locked inside
crave for freedom


Linked to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #117 the cold night


Everything turns, and there’s no wonder why the long-repressed thoughts and feelings come back to the surface. Never more real than this time and never more unreal than it could be now. I understand that the teachers were right and that we really don’t have to own something in order to have a feeling like it is here.

I’m waking up and the spring in me is waking up as well.

full moon in Leo
judging by the youtube
shines on me too

So, here we are again, returned to the start.

Everything begins and ends up with poetry.

I stumbled upon the challenge to write a Dodoitsu, form that I’ve never heard about before, and it needs to be an Acrostic about Love. I don’t know about you, but challenges rule my world.

Leaving thoughts where they belong
One may find, inside, better
Version of ideal self
Even me, sometimes

Learn to love yourself in order to be loved by others!
At least, that’s what I have learnt so far along my journey.

Linked to Carpe Diem #1808 LOVE acrostic challenge

42912 2

From time to time, it comes back, probably to check a level of the darkness they are in. Same madness still gives the signs of life, but rather weak. It must be boring to be right at all times (walking on the edge brings much more excitement) but it’s inconvenient when the space between the extremes is narrowed so one can easily slide from side to side.


white bedspread
under the black sky