Once upon a time, there was a hotel in a center of the capital and one secret room in it. The door had no keys, but it would be automatically locked as soon as someone entered.

She has never been there, but she heard so many stories about it. In her imagination, when the night falls, she was able to see a silvery moonlight rolling all over the silky overlay.

Every evening, passing by the street, in a summer garden of a restaurant next to the hotel, she was looking for a familiar face that she has seen once on a blurry picture. He had a strange name. Divided into the syllables, it meant “With Peace”.

He never gave her a peace.

‘What a coincidence’, she thought when a tram number two making its’ last lap, took her right there, to the same hotel, in the company of a man who had a strange accent and a strange name that sounds almost like his.

sudden blossom
does the winter leave
or all is a dream?

Linked to Carpe Diem #1297 White Hand of Moses


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rainy cloud
behind a lipstick
October sky

echoes from the other side
keeps reminding to forget

Linked to Carpe Diem #1291 Remembering to Forget (by Karunesh)


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22110 – Life Is Beautiful 01

on a photograph
the sun sets

Linked to Carpe Diem Winter Retreat 2017 “Life is Beautiful”

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There, where the icy winds whip and where there’s nothing more but the lost memories, he left her barefoot and wept, far from everything. Under the snow that was reaching to the belt, she buried her last tears. Then she clenched her fist, tight on a chest, trying to save the last that she had – her pride. I will never forget that sadness and a fear in those eyes. Never.

glittering moonlight
a faithful guide
winter remembers

Tаmo gde ledeni vetrovi šibаju u i gde nemа ničegа osim izgubljenih sećanja, ostаvio ju je bosonogu i uplаkаnu, dаleko od svega. Pod snegom koji je dosezao do pojasa, sаhrаnilа je svoje poslednje suze. Pokušаvаjući dа sаčuvа jedino šta joj je ostalo, svoj ponos je stisla u pesnicu i privilа ga čvrsto uz grudi. Nikаdа neću zаborаviti tugu i strаh u tim očimа. Nikаda.
svelucаvа mesečinа
njen verni vodič
zimа pamti


Linked to Carpe Diem #1284 meaning of life (BrunuhVille)


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My home is wherever I am. And where are you? Behind whose eyelids do you sleep? And do you still care in your sleeves a scent of the warm bread shared once, in a past life, perhaps? Are your soles tired of the road, joints painful of chains and your skin cracked of the wind that whips in the back? Does the sky reflect in your eyes while you smile? Home … Go on, it must be here… Somewhere… How do I know? How do you not know?

traces of jets
across the morning sky
Indian summer

Talking heads again…

Linked to Carpe Diem #1283 On Our Way Home



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from here
to there
a slippery path

Linked to Carpe Diem #1282 Sacred Stones


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20710 – Signs

It started at 1:01am with 11>11(11) and then it continued during the day… 11:11, 14:44, 15:51, 16:16, 18:18 and so on. Believe it or not, even now as I write this, my digital clock is showing 23:32. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m sure that this little rebel with a guitar who I met this morning in a Chinese store tries to tell me something.


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Sometimes, everything losts its’ sense and you find your own thoughts circling without purpose. Like a spinning sand, dancing in the wind. Some people know how to stop the music and let the silence speak. Some people, but not me. At least, not yet.

dust and golden sand
on the endless road

every drop
on a dry lip
sun takes away

Linked to Carpe Diem #1270 desert travellers (Karunesh)


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– Who are you?
I asked distorted figure in a mirror.
– And, do you know who I am?
Deep silence followed.
Only thing that I got was a curious look,
framed by the slightly swaddled bags under the eyes.
– You look tired, Stranger.
I said, feeling some strange pity.
– May I help you somehow?
Long silence.
Deep, in myself, I heard a voice
– Love me. Just love me!

October night
reality and dreams

Linked to Carpe Diem #1269 reflection


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Everyone of us longs for something. Beggar yearns for a warm bed, poor for a decent meal, ill for the healthiness, lonely for a soulmate, unemployed for any kind of job, rich for a peace of mind. Wealth can’t be bought. It exists in our heads.

Wealth is every breath that you pull into your lungs before you fall asleep.

Wealth is every drop from a tap that washes your bleary eyes in the morning.

Wealth is every hug that they give me, without reason, just like that!

sound of a kiss
louder than the pockets
full of golden coins

Linked to Carpe Diem #1267 millionaire


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