About the author

Let’s make it clear at the beginning, I’m not philosopher nor poet.

In fact, I am nothing special, just an ordinary …

With an ordinary life …

But hey, sometimes I like to dive my head in the pillow and dream away.

Sometimes I just go to a nicer time in the past.

Sometimes, if I gather courage, I step into a better future.

However, I mostly just close my eyes and watch.

I look a little at myself, or imagine people around a little.

And that’s it …


46 thoughts on “About the author

    1. Thank you Eve so much, for this honor that you’ve just given to me. I don’t know rules about awards, so I am wondering if it is ok if I accept it because I’ve already got one with the same name. Picture is different, and the questions too, so I hope it is not a problem. Thank you again for making my day shine! โค


  1. Your juxtaposition of your poetry, your profile and your quotes show me a poet, somewhat “Dis-” fill in the blanks with words like ease, traught, engaged, turbed, stended, illusioned, avowed.
    Your searching feeds those words. Wonder full lady!


      1. He he, Happy Frog! It works now ๐Ÿ™‚ Last few days I began to spread my precious thoughts all over, I’m afraid I am going to lose them soon. I’m memories collector, maybe I should gather them and put on one place. Maybe to make a brand new post dedicated to foreigner Happy Frog, he deserve that ๐Ÿ˜€ I also don’t know how to put media in comments, youtube works by itself… skyvanieyes@gmail.com – if I can help about anything, but I also don’t know many things about all those Wordpess stuffs.


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