The night brought you in a dream, just to say a couple of words without any sense before the Sun took you in its arms and carried you back to the other world, behind the walls unjustly built.

I didn’t get to ask anything, I just said some mathematical formulas and definitions out very loud, almost shouting, trying to draw attention to my presence.

The dream fulfilled its mission. I imagined every moment of deserved glory, though I wasn’t there and not even invited.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I can’t hate yesterday. Instead, I’m proud of myself and grateful for every single moment that brought me closer to my true being.

I may never know the reasons, but the faith is strong and immortal. As this soul inside.

Switching between the years, everything is the same, yet so different.

new years resolutions
leaving a blank page
in the new diary

Link to Carpe Diem #1842 End Of Year


Last item on my to-do list is finally crossed.

5 mins to 5 and I’m going to sleep exactly 5 hours. What a time to take a look at the clock!

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius! Big changes are on the way, they say, a total transformation of the old and beginning of something brand new. I have no clue if this is true, but whenever I see a word Aquarius, I knew that I’m on my own terrain. How narcissistic statement this was!

Two warriors in my Ascendant – Mars in Aries has put the whole World into the mess, except me. Somehow, I was thrown to my own path to self.

I don’t know why am I telling you this, especially considering the fact that I even don’t know anything about astrology. I just pick some information here and there and I find them fun.

end of decade
my thoughts still floating above
closed borders

50912 – Double Troiku Challenge

mysterious landscapes
rise and unfold before my eyes
worlds of clouds

© Chèvrefeuille

mysterious landscapes ~
getting to know the real self
in silence

rise and unfold before my eyes
a youthful dream
awakened again

worlds of clouds
in a photo without a filter
evoking memories

mysterious landscapes
flooded with hope

getting to know the real self
deep breath and long exhale
~ meditation

in silence
the stars twinkle
creating a melody

rise and unfold before my eyes
new leaves
on the unnamed plant

a youthful dream
hidden between the lines
of the old poems

awakened again
winter sun
enters the room

worlds of clouds ~
flowing down the rock
river makes a foam

in a photo without a filter
preserved magic
of a winter day

evoking memories
music from the radio
again and again

Linked to Carpe Diem #1841 Just a special challenge

Maybe this wasn’t one of my best response, but the most important is that I’m returning back 🙂


It was the hardest but at the same time, the most beautiful part of her life. What is for sure, that was the most powerful period one could even imagine.

Seasons rotate and time has no mercy. Years make wrinkles on her face and each passing year leaves inerasable scars on her body.

Winter on a doorstep reminds her about the transience of everything.

Those who have gone once, never return back.

november full moon ~
a gaze high up to the sky
in vain, my dear child

Linked to Haibun Monday: Being But Human


We stopped the communication and it was my guilt. Angels show up only when we ask, but somewhere along the way I forgot that little thing. Digging through the numbers, I found one of the best pieces I have ever written. 2-11-11. So often I forget what the real power is.

autumn wind
scattering down the road
torn hearts