Days In The Blackberries Field – vol. 1, finally

Well, ok, I finally did it.

I made volume 1 of the Blackberries Field and published it on Smashwords. It is a collection of poems written as Choka and Nonet. My first book! Actually, I was afraid how it will work so I haven’t published any of my three lines poems yet. Never mind, I made the first step forward.

Can I call myself a published author now???

If anyone is interested, my book is available HERE for free.
Any review is welcomed and appreciated.

Choka, isn’t it? ~38C (Growing Up)

I still remember
hidden tears in mother’s eyes
“Take care”, she whispers
A future roommate and I
in half-empty bus
Old driver starts the engine
Sound of exhaust pipe
Red button closes the door
Waving and last look
tears starts streaming down her face
as if it’s the last time
My journey to the unknown
and our first separation

For All Grown Up

Choka, isn’t it? ~37C (Silence)

Days In The Blackberries Field

click, flame, bluish smoke
touch of saucer and cup
inhale, exhale, a callout
Chrome, reload, nothing
rustle of paper 
inhale, exhale, a callout
rustle of paper 
glance at the clock, then the phone
rustle of paper
touch of saucer and cup
click, flame, bluish smoke
inhale, exhale, a callout
glance at the clock, then the phone


passing afternoon
silence resounds in silence
work needs to be done

Inspired by Carpe Diem #546, Silence

Choka, isn’t it? ~34C (Stillness)

Days In The Blackberries Field

Many miles I passed
of this beaten path of life
following the signs
since time immemorial.
Intertwined voices
calling my name all along.
Signs are everywhere,
then why do I still feel lost?
Whose path do I walk?
They told me to go this way.
I’m not betrayer,
I stepped so I don’t give up.
I do not give up!
Not betrayer, don’t give up…
Still lost, don’t give up…
Searching, observing, finding,
meeting new faces,
discovering new places,
asking for the course,
navigating, wandering,
losing and finding myself.
stillness outside
noise inside

For Carpe Diem #541, Inner Self (Solitude)

Choka, isn’t it? ~ 33C (Pebble Tower)

Days In The Blackberries Field 

Pebble tower as
friendship between two sexes.
Choice is essential
so they must choose carefully.
Too sharp pebble and
the tower can’t go further.
Puling one from the bottom
can break all foundation.
Those who want stable tower
carefully mete out each stone.


Image found on Google

For seize the poem  ~ 16.8.14 prompt (kindness / balance / words)

Choka, isn’t it? ~ 31C (Snail People)

Days In The Blackberries Field

people snails

His specious sadness
leaves no one indifferent
– a bait for glances.
Trap for sensitives – don’t fall!
Burden on his backs
escape and shelter for him
– well made illusion.
Only place where he feels safe
– the curse he carries.
Some among us live like snails,
pay attention while you walk.