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Since the Moon left the Filed everything changed somehow. Dark nights are cold and Silence became the only melody one can hear. I don’t complain. I am rebel by nature so sometimes, when I feel inspired, I sit on the bench in the backyard and compose a song for some distanced star. Living here is like a sleep. Every day is a new dream and you never know what tomorrow could bring.

a bunch of letters
unopened on the table
waiting for someone

I drew all around
secret paths in the backyard
the cunning signposts


Od kada je Mesec napustio Polje, sve se nekako promenilo. Tamne noći su hladne, a Tišina je postala jedina melodija koja se može čuti. Ne bunim se. Po prirodi sam buntovnik pa ponekad, kada sam inspirisana, sednem na klupu u dvorištu i iskomponujem neku pesmu za neku od dalekih zvezda. Život ovde je kao spavanje. Svaki dan je novi san i nikada ne znaš šta će sutra doneti.

gomila pisama
neotovrenih na stolu
čeka na nekoga

iscrtala sam svuda
tajne staze u dvorištu
lukavi putokazi

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“Oh, no, not another ritual!”, I was grumbling to myself while I was approaching the window. Grey clouds made a curtain and the rain drummed louder than yesterday. Maybe others were ready for the winter spell but I certainly was not! I don’t need a winter, I make my own magic. Without curtains and drums.

flying all around
thoughts take off stars from the sky
each one – fulfilled dream


“Ne! Opet neki ritual?!”, negodovala sam u sebi dok sam se približavala prozoru. Sivi oblaci su napravili zavesu, a kiša je dobovala glasnije nego juče. Možda su drugi i bli spremni za zimsku čaroliju, ali ja svakako nisam. Meni ne treba zima, svoje čarolije pravim sama. Bez zavesa i bubnjeva…

leteći unaokolo
misli skidaju zvezde sa neba
svaka – ispunjen san

Linked to Call Me Ishmael . The first sentence is from “Aleph” by Paulo Coelho, at the moment my favorite book, as it was required by the task.


The sky has never looked so blue before and the day was more than good for flying. In a panic fear he was trying to get out of the thin, almost invisible threads that surrounded him. Unsuccessfully.


Nebo nikada nije bilo toliko plavo, a dan je bio više nego dobar za letenje. U paničnom strahu je pokušavao da se iskobelja iz tankih, gotovo nevidljivih niti koje su ga opkolile. Bezuspešno.

nemoćni komarac
pokušavajući da se izvuče iz mreže
spašen veštim prstima

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Sharing the earning, musicians drink their last drinks.
Quiet ballad sounds indicate a closing time.
I get up.
Without looking at the clock I know it’s time to go.
Empty cigarette box remains on the table.
Approaching the counter, I ask for a bill.
My order didn’t arrive but I will pay it anyway.
I’ve never been stingy.
It’s freezing cold outside.
And too dark.
Where was my mind?
What was I waiting for?
Scarf covers my mouth.
I’m not going to take off the gloves.
Not even if I meet someone.
Coldness knows no decency.
Anyway,I’m just a stranger here.
I won’t worry for my bad English anymore.
I keep walking, mumbling to myself.

speechless poet
looks at the empty sky
waiting for reply

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Choka, isn’t it? ~38C (Growing Up)

I still remember
hidden tears in mother’s eyes
“Take care”, she whispers
A future roommate and I
in half-empty bus
Old driver starts the engine
Sound of exhaust pipe
Red button closes the door
Waving and last look
tears starts streaming down her face
as if it’s the last time
My journey to the unknown
and our first separation

For All Grown Up

Red And Yellow

Days In The Blackberries Field 39 

Sunlight is entering through my window
and starting her tempting dance
Red and yellow are on my hair
Rays are radiating warmth
I’m feeling it on my skin
It’s filling me inside
I’m stepping in
New morning
has came

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