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22107 – Cherita 5

night on a beach

two bodyprints
in the wet sand

and the seaweed
between his fingers
trapped in a dream


exploring the night
tangled in the seaweed
salty fingers

Linked to Carpe Diem #1222 Beach


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21407 1

I wait for you
in my thoughts,
fearing that they
may steal Me from You,
despite the rain
and the nothingness
that pull you
toward themselves.
I write poems and draw
love on the photographs
using the symbols
which you don’t recognize.
I hide you
between the petals
of the fake roses.
I wait for you
under the imaginaged
cherry tree in bloom
that I have never seen.
I talk to you
even your name
has never existed
in my dictionary.
(I say it as I want)
I wait
and cover you
with clouds
while you sleep.



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I dream that you dream
carefully packed in three lines
woodpecker knocking
sanjam da sanjaš
pazljivo upakovano u tri reda
kuckanje detlića

Inspired by Carpe Diem #629, woodpecker


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your unspoken words ~
silence that you choose to wear
whenever we met
whenever we met ~
tornado turns my insides
fear becomes stronger
fear becomes stronger ~
knowing things that you don’t know
I wait for the fate
I wait for the fate
the fate waits for a moment
~ moment waits for sign
moment waits for sign
signs may be hidden in dreams
~ I write down my dreams
I write down my dreams
opening gates of the sky
~ You may enter now!

In response to Carpe Diem #370, Tyumen, although every stanza is Senryu more than Haiku, I think.



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Days In The Blackberries Field 

flowing straight to you
with many tributaries
dreams big as Danube


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Scared II

Days In The Blackberries Field R46-3

Tonight is the bridge
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is mystery

Bad dreams, predictive
I need an interpreter
What is needed to be heard?


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Days In The Blackberries Field R46-2

Bad dreams, predictive
I need an interpreter
What I need to know?


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Dreams Stealer

Days In The Blackberries Field R43-3

Through the walls last night
you crept up and fooled the guard.
You couldn’t trick me,
I know your magician hat.
My dreams are in your pockets.


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Days In The Blackberries Field 84

As the silky touch of the gentle breezes,
early in the morning, about the noon,

the feeling when I wake up and see your eyes on me
and smile, the warmest of all that I’ve ever seen.

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Days In The Blackberries Field 63


Tiredness is closing my eyes, kissing my cheeks,

taking me in its arms, opening door of a dream and spreading its wings.

Tonight we’ll fly so far away – beyond the clouds, right to the stars.


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