May Themes


between new
and full moon
same old sky


the past and the future
merge in a single beat
of the clock


prolećna noć
disanje prati
otkucaje sata

spring night
breathing follows
ticking of the clock


We stopped the communication and it was my guilt. Angels show up only when we ask, but somewhere along the way I forgot that little thing. Digging through the numbers, I found one of the best pieces I have ever written. 2-11-11. So often I forget what the real power is.

autumn wind
scattering down the road
torn hearts


Do you sometimes have a feeling of missing some old days and things that used to take so much of your energy in the past, things that used to make you nuts before? Sometimes I miss those long drives to the work by taxi cab and all conversations that I used to have with my Inner Self on our way from one part of the town to another.

leaving no memories
all along the street
autumn silence


Echo of the silence becomes too loud for a mind. Apparent calmness refuses to cooperate.

seasons alternate
a single wish
in the empty sky


Playing the hide’n’seek with the Inner Child, my thoughts made the strangest mix of all  passions I ever had. A shyly whisper in my head said  a term I have never heard before – Symmetrical Self. My Mathematician  was absolutely astonished – transformation turns a double S into the perfect infinity sign.

Blue Moon peeks through the blinds and the power of now is losing control.

painting nature in gold
you waste colors in vain,



Between what has already happened and what is yet to come, the pages of an abandoned blog flash like the sparks in a starless night.  It’s really not difficult to identify myself with the once written sentences, considering that I am my own favorite writer.

autumn evening
thoughts are louder
than the ticking clock


Despite my countless efforts to present the Moon as wonderful as I really see Him, my Virtual Moon denies our connection and refuses to cooperate. For those who are wondering why I see the Moon as a male, I will just say that we all have rights to create our own inner worlds.

end of July
photos of the moon
fulfill a gallery