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Cherita 9 – 30907

Maybe one day
I’ll open the window
and grab the Moon,

steal it from the evil eyes,
pull toward me and hide

into my pocket where it belongs.


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end of November
stuck in the dark sky
frozen Moon

Linked to Carpe Diem #1316 Moon of My Delight


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Ah, that love! With a thousand lives. Burned, then raised from the ashes. Endlessly washed out – in sweat and in tears. Forgotten, found, thrown away like a stone into the water to sink, to disappear in the depths where it was born.
It would always strike the surface, as a source – as a source of everything – as the beginning and as the end.

shining brightly
scattered in the sky
broken moonlight

Linked to Carpe Diem #1315 Scheme of Things


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22207 – Cherita 6

in vain is regret

stains of the red wine
on a tablecloth

and the feelings
lost in some verses
with the sounds of violins


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22107 – Cherita 5

night on a beach

two bodyprints
in the wet sand

and the seaweed
between his fingers
trapped in a dream


exploring the night
tangled in the seaweed
salty fingers

Linked to Carpe Diem #1222 Beach


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21407 1

I wait for you
in my thoughts,
fearing that they
may steal Me from You,
despite the rain
and the nothingness
that pull you
toward themselves.
I write poems and draw
love on the photographs
using the symbols
which you don’t recognize.
I hide you
between the petals
of the fake roses.
I wait for you
under the imaginaged
cherry tree in bloom
that I have never seen.
I talk to you
even your name
has never existed
in my dictionary.
(I say it as I want)
I wait
and cover you
with clouds
while you sleep.



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Choka, isn’t it? ~35C (When You Fall Asleep)

Days In The Blackberries Field

when you fall asleep
my soul will fly silently
take your hand slowly
trying not to wake you up
and draw a thin line
tributary on your palm
invisible path to me
so you will never be lost


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Love L11

Days In The Blackberries Field

Wrap yourself around me
Seduce me
Surround me
Give yourself to me
Let me breath you
Be Me
Let Me be You
Let Us be One
Make me ready
Get ready
My heart is open
Fly in
Let me fly
the healer
and a guide


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Love L10

Days In The Blackberries Field / The Sea Themes

Step back
and come near

Besiege me
and set me free

Trap me
and release me

Take me
and bring back

Find me
and take me back

Win me
and keep me

I am Love
a healer and a guide


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